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A note about the legacy implementation

I am currently doing a major design change to the API. The original code is still here, but it is now located in a legacy folder. The namespaces and classes have not been changed. From a consumer point of view my current work should be transparent. If that isn't the case, let me know.

The new implementation

I am a believer of SOLID The new implementation will follow those principals. I expect this will create an API that is cleaner and easier to understand. Along with the source code, you will also find a complete set of tests that should build confidence that the API is robust and functional.

Section Description
Getting Started Some sample code to learn how to use the API. This code also exists in the downloaded source
Design Methodology Thoughts that went into this design
Classes The implementations of the interfaces
DataObjects Plain Old Common Objects
Exceptions Exceptions defined as part of the API
Factories How to create the classes
Interfaces The interfaces that are used, and what they are for
Types Enumerations, etc

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