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TumblrPost : ITumblrPost

Not all fields are have values.

Name Type Description
Artist string Who the song artist is
AudioUrl string The location of the Audio file?
BlogName string The name of the blog the contains the post
Body string The main part of the post
Bookmarklet bool Not sure
Caption string The post caption
Description string A description of the post
Date DateTime When the post was made, in GMT
Format PostFormat The format of the post
Highlighted string[] Not sure
Id Int64 The id of the post
ImagePermaLink string The perm link to the image?
LinkUrl string Not sure
Mobile bool Not sure
Note Count int How many notes are attached to the post
Mobile bool If true the post was made on a mobile device?
Photos TumblrPhoto[] Pictures are have links to multiple sizes of the image. This is the collection of links to them
Player string Not sure the difference between player and players ...
Players TumblrPlayer[] Videos can be played in more than one way. This has the links to the various ways to play them
Plays int Number of times the media was played?
PostType PostType The type of post
PostUrl string the link to the post
ReblogKey string The key needed to reblog the post
ShortUrl string An short url to refer to the post
SourceTitle string The title of the post at it's source
SourceUrl string Where the post is reblogged from
Slug string No idea
State PostState The state the post is in
Tags string[] The tags for the post
TimeStamp Int64 A magic number that has something to do with time
Title string The post title
TrackName string The name of the track

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